PGTV NEWS Short Films

Here are the first short films created and produced by PGTV NEWS staff members. Students could produce videos in several different categories: narrative fiction, documentary, PSA, animation, and experimental films.

“When iPhone Met Galaxy” by Sarah Diaz and Pooja Panchal

When iPhone met Galaxy from PGTV NEWS on Vimeo.

“Bullies Lose, Winners Choose” by Jordan Nase, Leon Johnson, Kadera Brown, and Caitlin Brockwell

Fantastic 4 Movie from PGTV NEWS on Vimeo.

“Schrodinger’s Cat” by Jessie Chiasson, Jessica Rodgers, Grace Burch and Nicole Daly

We Dont Really Know Short Film from PGTV NEWS on Vimeo.


“Pass Kindness On” by Jessie Honaker, Virginia Kendall, and Ashli Moseley

PSA kindness from PGTV NEWS on Vimeo.